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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #15: Seminar Day #1 - DEFENSE & ATTACK (2 DVD set)


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Learn Systema Spetsnaz together with seminar participants:

1. Primary movements in hand to hand combat
2. Striking techniques (including energy strikes)
3. Knife combat (slash and stab), knife disarming techniques
4. Self defense using a stick and a sword
5. Defense against a pistol
6. Mastering combat skills by synchronizing the left and right hemispheres.
7. Advance combination of defensive and attacking techniques
8. Self defense against grabs
9. Finger locks and wrist locks
10. Takedown techniques using three planes concept
11. Linear, circular and spiral rotation in combat
12. Pressure points and primary striking zones
13. Coordinating leg and arm movements
14. Creating a psychological combat trap by copying and mirroring the opponent (unique Systema Spetsnaz concept)
15. Aligning with the plane and leaving the line of attack
16. Developing physical power and endurance
17. Self defense against multiple opponents
18. Restoring breathing and Energy channels activation

Running Time: 2 hours 31 minutes. 


AVAILABLE ON DVD AND FOR ONLINE STREAMING. Please choose when placing an order!

- DVD version - Standard quality
- Online version -  HD quality with unlimited access from any device. You will receive a link to the video within 48 hours!


Seminar place/date: February 28th, 2014. Los-Anegeles, CA USA



Date Added: 06/06/2015 by Andrey Kirilov
I like to call it a crash course of vital Systema Spetsnaz elements. This is a very unique DVD, same as all Spetsnaz Seminars DVDs. It has both: combat training and self-development training, which in my opinion is a great advantage compare to other Martial Arts. As you can see in DVD description it covers a lot of important combat topics. Highly recommend!!!

Date Added: 04/01/2015 by Mitchel Lodder
This DVD is great to learn the key elements of Systema fighting, real hand to hand combat. In the beginning you will learn striking and kicking techniques of systema spetsnaz. Then, you will get into the different types of locks: wrist locks, armlocks and so on. Remember, this is 2 DVD set, so prepare for a lot of useful combat information. Definately recommend this for everyone who wants to get into Systema Spetsnaz fighting, and for people who want to master their fighting skills at home.

Date Added: 12/12/2014 by charles vasquez
Mr. Vadim is excellent in his videos. The closest thing to attending his classes or seminars is video and for fine tuning.


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Systema Spetsnaz self-defense training is based on the natural flow of the energy and efficiency of motion within space and time. Russian Spetsnaz teaches how to use only 25% physical strength and 75% natural flow of internal energy.

The roots of Russian Martial Art self-defense date to the 10th century, developed by Cossacks, Russian Warriors. 

Traditional self-defense training methods were utilized with modern concepts of fighting and sciences of physics, mechanics, and psychology, including meditation techniques using internal energy to take down an attacker without touching him.  

Systema Spetsnaz is adaptable for bodyguards, police, security and civilian street self-defense.