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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #16: Seminar Day #2 - COMBAT FLOW (2 hours)


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The second day of Systema Spetsnaz seminar is dedicated to knife fighting and internal energy in hand to hand combat.  Based on knife techniques you can learn the most important elements of close combat such as footwork, body rotation, strikes, defense from strikes, escapes from grabs and counter-attacks.



- Gain knowledge of entering the state of combat trance,  generating and releasing internal wave energy 
Learn about the importance of catching your opponent’s movements, speed, breathing and energy through exercises of copying your partner 
Discover the powerful defense and counter-attack principle of “reverse mirror” 
Develop your joint flexibility and use it to escape from grabs and holds 
Master the five main keys of combat motion: linear, triangular, circular, spiral and figure “eight” movements 
Improve your striking technique through knife fighting (combining stab and cut in one motion, dodging knife strikes) 
Learn life-saving techniques of fighting on the ground, avoiding kicks, using incoming force for self-defense (resistance vs. combat flow) 
Sharpen your hand to hand combat skills against a stronger opponen
Find out how to determine the best striking points, and the easiest way of setting a combat distance to redirect an unexpected attack

As a bonus we added a few powerful variations of self-defense against kicks!

Running Time: 2 hours 8 minutes. 


AVAILABLE ON DVD AND FOR ONLINE STREAMING. Please choose when placing an order!

- DVD version - Standard quality
- Online version -  HD quality with unlimited access from any device. You will receive a link to the video within 48 hours!


Seminar place/date: March 1st, 2014. Los-Anegeles, CA USA




Date Added: 04/23/2015 by Sam McRay
If you can get all 3 Systema Spetsnaz seminar DVDs - get them!!! If not, choose this one! Six hours of hand to hand combat training were combined in 2 hours, so you will have to practice and watch it again and again. And it worth it!! Remember, this is 2 DVD set!!! First part is about breathing, relaxation and getting into a combat trance state. Second DVD has a lot of different combat techniques, starting from basic movement to takedown techniques, joint locks, grabs, working with a knife. I\'ve watched this Spetsnaz DVD 5 times already and every time I learn something new. A lot, a lot of important self defense elements here!

Date Added: 04/01/2015 by Mitchel Lodder
The second part of the seminar dvd box set is about combat flow, how to use different energy flowing techniques in combat situations, or how Vadim it calls: its 25% using strength and 75% using flowing energy. This 2 hours dvd has instructions how to use your energy in the field, with exercises like the figure 8. It really helps me to get more flexibility and to use energy leverage on my enemies. Not only it teaches you how to deal with fist fighting, but also disarming enemies with weapons such as knives. This Systema Spetsnaz DVD is a must have, and a important part of the seminar set!

Date Added: 03/17/2015 by Jenifer Suen
This Systema Spetsnaz DVD is about 2 hours long. The first part is self-development training and the second part is mostly about knife fighting. If you are not a fan of working with energy and doing breathing exercises, just fast forward. The second part is impressive!!! Exactly, as DVD description says - based on knife techniques you can practice all extremely important elements of hand to hand combat - fighting steps and movements, body rotation, strikes, grabs and counter-attacks. Amazing how everything comes together and using a knife is a great way of practicing it!! I\'ve always thought that knife fighting is something that you learn after mastering strikes, punches, etc. Actually, I was able to practice all the fundamental elements from the knife combat. This is a new way to look on self-defense techniques. Incredible job Mr. Vadim Starov!! Simple and beyond my expectations. Remarkable training approach! SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ IS THE BEST!!!


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Systema Spetsnaz self-defense training is based on the natural flow of the energy and efficiency of motion within space and time. Russian Spetsnaz teaches how to use only 25% physical strength and 75% natural flow of internal energy.

The roots of Russian Martial Art self-defense date to the 10th century, developed by Cossacks, Russian Warriors. 

Traditional self-defense training methods were utilized with modern concepts of fighting and sciences of physics, mechanics, and psychology, including meditation techniques using internal energy to take down an attacker without touching him.  

Systema Spetsnaz is adaptable for bodyguards, police, security and civilian street self-defense.