Energy strikes are powerful, penetrating strikes that go through the opponent’s body simultaneously in 3 directions.

Energy strikes are formed through breathing, rotation and transferring body weight. The entire body takes part in the strike. Wave motion creates the powerful energy that starts from the feet, goes through the thighs and exits through the wrist. Your opponent will not have any chance of resisting such a powerful strike.

This instructional DVD describes in detail how to form energy strikes, and which exercises are necessary to practice and master them.

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This DVD is designed to develop joint flexibility and strength, which are necessary for hand-to-hand combat, as well as physical and spiritual self-development. Joint exercises will help you relieve stress in your body and open energy channels to create physical, psychological, and energy integrity.

Waves motion exercises will help you to strengthen the back and stomach muscles, remove calcium deposits, increase the spine’s flexibility, normalize the nervous system, rejuvenate the entire body, increases life spirit, improve mood and provide a rush of alertness and strength.

As a bonus, we added special set of exercises called “body sounds”. By saying certain sounds in a certain pose, you can cleanse your internal organs, specifically your liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. On the energy-psychological level, this will help you to release anger, anxiety, and fear and replace it with inner peace, strong willpower and self-confidence.

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