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Effective, Practical and Easy to Learn self-defense for the Modern World!

Self-Development 5 DVD set + Audio Lesson

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The 1st DVD is nice to follow and discover how your breath affects your body and find out that you may not be as relaxed as you thought. The 2nd DVD is extremely useful!!! I'm free-diver doing pranayama and a lot of other breathing techniques, tai-chi, qui-gong... I have feeling that Vadim Starov really knows what he is talking about. He found the essential movements and breathing techniques which are not difficult to implement in one's everyday life. The 3rd DVD is probably my favorite!! I like it a lot! It is dense with information, every American guy would make at least 10 DVDs from this stuff and sell it for big money. The 4th DVD - Powerful joints is about the full range of motion and strong muscles development. You will achieve this by doing various rotations and performing different movements to push yourself to a new level of flexibility. This DVD is a combination of passive and active stretching and joint rotations, joint mobility and relaxation while stretching. Great stuff!!! Highly recommend!
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