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Effective, Practical and Easy to Learn self-defense for the Modern World!

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #16: COMBAT FLOW (2 hours)

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This Systema Spetsnaz DVD is 2 hours long. The first part is a self-development training and the second part is mostly about knife fighting. If you are not a fan of working with energy and breathing exercises, just fast forward. The second part is really impressive!!! Exactly, as DVD description says - based on knife techniques you can practice all extremely important elements of hand to hand combat - fighting steps and movements, body rotation, strikes, grabs, and counter-attacks. Amazing how everything comes together and using a knife is a great way of practicing it!! I've always thought that knife fighting is something that you learn after mastering strikes, punches, etc. Actually, I was able to practice all the fundamental elements from the knife combat. This is a new way to look at self-defense techniques. Incredible job Mr. Vadim Starov!! Simple and beyond my expectations. Remarkable training approach! SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ IS THE BEST!!!
Date Added: 03/17/2015 by Jenifer Suen