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Effective, Practical and Easy to Learn self-defense for the Modern World!

Systema Spetsnaz Complete Training Set - 20 DVDs + Audio Lesson!

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Incredible masterwork of open hand combat and martial arts techniques, with the most respect for Vadim Starov and all other instructors. Every Video is very educational, i was not aware to the refined art what is known i believe especially in Russia among the Spetznas, did hear a lot of stories from friends who have seen it in action that once did serve in the french foreign legion, also from people working in the army from my country that did see the clip and told me that even if they train soldiers in the special forces here, these shown techniques could be a teacher here in Europe, even as a school for private citizen this would be among the best. Dear Sir with respect a privilege seeing you teach this to others.
Date Added: 09/26/2014 by Patrick Woo