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Effective, Practical and Easy to Learn self-defense for the Modern World!

Systema Spetsnaz Complete Training Set - 20 DVDs + Audio Lesson!

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I bought this set a year ago, and bought some of the DVDs which have been released afterwards. I also wrote a separate review for each DVD. In this review I want speak about Systema Spetsnaz DVDs generally, versus other teachers.

I have seen most DVDs of Systema Spetsnaz, and systema by Mikhal Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Last is Pramek which is inspired by Russian martial arts. Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev have around 40 dvds and go in depth. Pramek covers the theory well, and show some examples of usage. Systema Spetsnaz is a great combination between both, it covers the theory well and shows a lot of variations in practice and real life scenarios.

Honestly, I think that all DVDs from these 3 instructors complete each other well. But to buy all DVDs is a big investment, and very time consuming to go through. The best solution is to go for the Vadim Starov DVDs!!!

Enjoy, and seek knowledge:)
Date Added: 12/14/2014 by Tommy Sættem