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Effective, Practical and Easy to Learn self-defense for the Modern World!

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #3 - Elements and Exercises

Date Added: 08/24/2016 by Mark EN
Gives a different perspective on training. One of the best out there. I would give it 5/5 if the exe

Date Added: 04/23/2015 by Paul Baxter
Great DVD! Highly recommend!

Date Added: 04/15/2015 by Tristan KIM
This DVD is very helpful for people looking to improve their physical strength, flexibility and prep

Date Added: 12/15/2014 by Paul Deason
Great dvd, helpful exercises! Easy to follow exercises. Also great to get limber before weight lifti

Date Added: 12/14/2014 by Tommy Sættem
As I have mentioned in my earlier review - the DVD #1 - The Warrior's Path has some basic combat ex

Date Added: 12/13/2014 by neko nicodemus
Elements and Exercises, is a great dvd for bodyweight training and developing flexibility for both s

Date Added: 12/12/2014 by walter priori friggi
many exercises of various levels, from simplest to hardest to perform. Also includes acrobatic exerc

Date Added: 09/26/2014 by Brady Morell
Awesome DVD! Very cool DVD, highly useful! Excellent Customer Service, Extremely Fast Shipping. Than