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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #1 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #1 - THE WARRIOR'S PATH
Is the first released DVD in English about Russian SpetsNaz. Witness never seen before footage of secret training techniques of Russian military in Hand to Hand Combat!

DVD content: Spetsnaz History / Elements & Exercises / Lower Acrobatics / Working with Balance / Grabs & Chokes / Strikes - Punches - Kicks / Weapons Self Defense / Reserve Human Abilities / Survival in Extreme Situations / Spetsnaz Troops / Internal Energy & Psychological Impact.

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #2 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #2 - SPETSNAZ TRAINING - WORLD WAR II - PRESENT TIME
This DVD provides valuable knowledge of the Russian Spetsnaz mentality. It teaches the personal qualities a soldier should develop to serve in a special forces unit. 

It also includes the history of Russian combat training for age-old Russian Martial Arts to the present, and unique documentary video excerpts of Russian Special Forces during World War II - under water, in a forest, during winter and windy conditions, maneuvers over the river and icy mountains, empty hand combat and weapons fighting. 

A complete understanding of the Spetsnaz psychology will benefit your fighting techniques and make your training easier and more effective.

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #3 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #3 - ELEMENTS AND EXERCISES
This is an Instructional Martial Art DVD to teach & improve the physical abilities of the student to achieve his/her best performance through

- General Conditioning Exercises
- Special Combat-Training Exercises
- Pull-ups, Push-ups and Circular Motion Exercises
- Power Development Complex
- Tension, Relaxation and Wave Motion Elements
- Developing Joints, Ligaments and Tendons
- Stretching the Muscles, Building Strength and Endurance.

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #4 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #4 - STRIKES - PUNCHES - KICKS
- Learn Full Contact Shocking Techniques
- Main Principles of Strikes, Punches & Kicks
- Precise Fingers Strikes
- Wrist & Palm Strikes
- Elbow, Shoulder and Head Strikes
- Knockout Zones, Primary Striking Zones & Pressure Points
- Distracting & Improvised Strikes
- Multiple Strikes, Punches & Kicks
- Weapon Disarming Techniques

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #5 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #5 - INTERNAL WAVE ENERGY
This is an instructional DVD for any Martial Artist to learn & develop Power Energy Strikes, Punches & Kicks using a limited amount of physical strength. 

Knowing how to form your wrist and fingers as well as where to deliver a strike is not enough. Learn how to use Figure 8 and Wave Motion to generate powerful internal penetrating strikes. 

Through joint gymnastics and power exercises you will strengthen your muscles, ligaments & joints as well as develop natural body flexibility. Through easy to follow joint tension techniques & wave motion exercises you will develop Powerful Strikes, Punches and Kicks to control & overcome an attacker in extreme situations.

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #6 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #6 - KNIFE IN CLOSE COMBAT
This is an instructional combat DVD for any martial artist, bodyguard or peace officer to learn and develop knife defense techniques. 

You will study elements of disarmament, lever applications, redirection and evasion methods, use of space and motion concepts with striking disarms against various angle attacks. 

DVD Chapters:

1. Main principles of knife self-defense
2. Knife Disarming Techniques using a lever and the 3 planes concept
3. Turning a knife against an opponent
4. Body integration into the knife's plane
5. Knife threats to arteries and neck
6. The threat of a knife from behind
7. Knocking a knife out of the opponent's hand
8. Psycho-energetic impact to the opponent's central nervous system
9. The threat of a knife in everyday life. 


Systema Spetsnaz DVD #7 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #7 - WRIST LOCKS
Wrist and Finger Locks are vital skills in close combat to control an opponent as well as to release from grabs and holds.

Easy to follow concept of balance, speed and power levers as well as triangle principle will teach you how to effectively use joint locks in a close fight.

Lean how to control an opponent through the powerful principles of points of support and body rotation.

This instructional video is recommended for any martial artists, bodyguards and officers to develop numerous variations of joint locks and practical techniques for close combat confrontations. 

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #8 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #8 - TAKEDOWNS
Takedowns are powerful elements of any combat applications. 

In this DVD, Systema Spetsnaz presents methods of practical, easy to learn and adaptable takedown techniques for any martial art style or system. 

Gain knowledge in the subjects of physiology elements of the human body, efficiency of levers, pivot point, 3 plane concept, footwork and use of body weight transfer during the close combat. 

Learn how to apply combinations of disabling an opponent’s degrees of freedom, joint locks & pressure points for effective Takedowns in close combat and No-contact combat confrontations.

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #9 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #9 - NO CONTACT COMBAT
There are many myths and arguments about no contact combat. How do you reveal, release and develop your hidden reserve abilities? What is No Contact combat? When was it discovered and where did it come from? Who can learn No Contact combat and where can you start?

This DVD will provide the answers to these and many other questions, as well as present theoretical explanations and practical exercises of no contact combat. You will learn how to create psychological rapport and control an opponent’s movements, how to create and break an invisible connection with an opponent’s mind, and why a person loses his balance and becomes controllable. 

No Contact combat is the highest mastery of martial arts. This film is a step on the path to learning it. 

DVD Chapters: 
1. The history of No Contact combat
2. Psychological training
3. Theory of No Contact combat
4. Physiological influence
5. Psychological influence
6. Working with energy (passes).

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #10 - Russian Martial ArtDVD #10 - ENERGY STRIKES
Energy strikes are powerful, penetrating strikes that go through the opponent’s body simultaneously in 3 directions.

Energy strikes are formed through breathing, rotation and transferring body weight. The entire body takes part in the strike. Wave motion creates the powerful energy that starts from the feet, goes through the thighs and exits through the wrist. Your opponent will not have any chance of resisting such a powerful strike.

This instructional DVD describes in detail how to form energy strikes, and which exercises are necessary to practice and master them.



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