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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #4 - Strikes - Punches - Kicks


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  • Learn Full Contact Shocking Techniques
  • Main Principles of Strikes, Punches & Kicks
  • Precise Fingers Strikes
  • Wrist & Palm Strikes
  • Elbow, Shoulder and Head Strikes
  • Knockout Zones, Primary Striking Zones & Pressure Points
  • Distracting & Improvised Strikes
  • Multiple Strikes, Punches & Kicks
  • Weapon Disarming Techniques

Language: English
Running time: 56 min
Format: NTSC, ALL region


Date Added: 02/23/2016 by Brandon Chance Jn.
This Systema Spetsnaz DVD teaches in details where to strike (primary striking zones), how to strike and generate a powerful strike and what part of body to use for a specific strike (side of the hand, hand knuckles, a finger, an elbow, a heel, a knee etc.) It has basic strikes and advance strikes (double and triple strikes). I've been in Martial Arts for 8 years and this Spetsnaz DVD surprised me. A lot of simple and effective self-defense techniques!

Date Added: 04/23/2015 by Paul Baxter
One of my favorite Systema Spetsnaz DVD! A lot of useful and easy to follow strikes and punches. I\'ve been in Martial Arts for the last 8 years and this DVD surprised me. Several unique concepts that you will not find in any other Martial Art. Thank you for the incredible knowledge :)

Date Added: 04/15/2015 by Tristan KIM
This part of training is very interesting and helpful for practising Full-Contact Combat!!! I can now deliver more powerful, penetrating strikes. Thank you :)

Date Added: 12/14/2014 by Tommy Sættem
Strikes, Punches and Kicks. This DVD consists strikes with your hands, elbow, head, punches with fist, and kicks. You will also learn where to hit (primary striking zones), how to strikes and different combinations (multiple strikes and kicks), including strikes to disarm a weapon, shocking strikes, immobilizing strikes etc. This DVD is an eye opener! It will give you a lot of ideas of developing new striking methods that you never thought about before.

Date Added: 12/12/2014 by neko nicodemus
Great combat training dvd! A lot of good strikes to know! recommended highly!!

Date Added: 09/19/2014 by Brady Morell
SYSTEMA!!! Great Video!!! Excellent instructions! Recommended highly!!!


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Systema Spetsnaz self-defense training is based on the natural flow of the energy and efficiency of motion within space and time. Russian Spetsnaz teaches how to use only 25% physical strength and 75% natural flow of internal energy.

The roots of Russian Martial Art self-defense date to the 10th century, developed by Cossacks, Russian Warriors. 

Traditional self-defense training methods were utilized with modern concepts of fighting and sciences of physics, mechanics, and psychology, including meditation techniques using internal energy to take down an attacker without touching him.  

Systema Spetsnaz is adaptable for bodyguards, police, security and civilian street self-defense.